Best Pizza Pan of 2021 Reviews

Adding the right pizza pan to your kitchen is a must-have for any pizza lover. You can tailor it to your taste preferences or dietary needs, so you get exactly what you want. Find the best pizza pan, and you’ll be prepped for pizza, morning, noon, or night.

You can’t go wrong with this deep dish pizza pan. Its pure aluminum construction and steel rim make this piece capable of lasting a lifetime and give it many other benefits. When you purchase this pan, you’ll get long-wearing quality for a low price—something that makes this pan suitable for the majority of people.

Best Pizza Pan in 2021 Reviews

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan

The Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Deep Dish Pizza Pan uses simplicity to produce the best home pizza pan. You can achieve outstanding results with the quality items this brand produces. Nordic Ware is a trusted legacy brand for over 70 years and has pioneered the use of aluminum bakeware for the last 15 years.

Pure aluminum comes with many inherent benefits, ones that save you time and energy. It’s scratch-resistant, non-porous, rustproof, allows for uniform heat conductivity, and is naturally nonstick without additional chemical coatings. Nordic Ware only uses pure, uncoated natural aluminum—providing you with the best.

The rim is strengthened by an encapsulated solid steel rim core, an element that provides unparalleled strength for structural support.

You can expect delicious, doughy, deep dish-style pizza with this pan. Since there isn’t a perforated base, you won’t get crispy results like you would with other aerated pans, but this is still the best pizza pan for homemade pizza.


  • Aan affordable item
  • Aluminum is naturally nonstick
  • Made for a lifetime of use


  • Isn’t dishwasher-safe—hand wash only
  • Doesn’t feature a perforated base

2-Piece Pizza Grill Pan With Pizza Cutter

GrillPro 98140 Non-Stick Pizza Grill Pan includes Pizza Cutter/ Server, 12-Inch Diameter

Get incredible value for money with this 2-piece pizza grill pan. You’ll get everything you need for a great price and won’t feel deprived of things that come with more expensive brands.

If you’re a pizza-making newbie, this 2-piece set may be exactly what you’re looking for. Learn how to make the basic pizza style with this 12” piece. Although this diameter is smaller than other models, it’s ideal for people who want to control their portion and won’t be catering for a group of people.

The perforated base produces crispy results, while the ribbed, nonstick design gives you a convenient option for releasing the pizza once cooked without strain or messy results.

The soft grip removable handle is a unique, safety-conscious feature. With this handle, the pizza pan resembles a standard pan and provides easier maneuverability for those who want to keep their distance from the heat.


  • A nonstick style
  • Produces a crispy base
  • Includes a pizza cutter


  • Comes in a smaller 12” size

Chicago Metallic Professional Perforated Mini-Deep Dish Pizza Pan Set

Chicago Metallic Professional Perforated Mini-Deep Dish Pizza Pan Set

This set of four mini deep dish pizza pans is a must for any lover of a deep dish style. Each pan measures 7”, with a thick 1.5” depth to help you achieve true deep-dish results.

Unlike the other Chicago deep dish pizza pans, this set features a perforated base, perfect for people who want a deep dish style but still enjoy a crispy bottom crust. If this is how you like your pizza, this could make-or-break your choice of deep dish pans.

Considering you get four individual pans with your purchase, the low price point is incredibly attractive. This is great value for money, and once you learn about the other features of this brand, you see how this a true bargain.

The rolled edging reinforces each pan’s strength, and the heavy-duty carbon steel construction gives durability, making these pans oven-safe up to 450°F.


  • Comes at an affordable price point
  • Provides 4 mini pizza pans
  • Produces a crisp pizza base


  • Not metal utensil-safe

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Bakeware Pizza Pan

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Bakeware Pizza Pan, Black

When you purchase the Le Creuset Pizza Pan, you’re buying high-end quality. This is the best pizza pan for oven-baked pizzas. Once you see the higher price point, you’ll understand why you’ll want to care for this piece for years to come.

Its design and construction is rigid and incredibly strong, made to withstand extreme conditions without warping. This strength makes it metal utensil-safe and oven-safe up to 464°F.

The Le Creuset Pizza Pan is incredibly well-designed. With soft-grip pads, the handles help you get a secure hold, and the aerating holes in the base produce delightfully crispy results.

If you want a health-conscious nonstick option, this Le Creuset’s PFOA-free coating minimizes your exposure to chemicals while still providing nonstick convenience. This pan comes with the Le Creuset lifetime guarantee.


  • Durable construction and design
  • Includes lifetime guarantee
  • Free from PFOA


  • Higher price point

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14-Inch Pizza Pan

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14-Inch Pizza Pan, Silver

It doesn’t take an enormous investment to get a great-quality pizza pan, and this Cuisinart Pizza Pan proves that. Just one look at the lifetime limited warranty helps you understand the long-lasting nature of this piece. It’s designed to produce consistently tasty results year after year.

Cuisinart has made this baking pan from heavy-gauge 1 mm aluminized steel, a material that disperses heat evenly, ensures perfect results, and is hard-wearing.

The thickly rolled edging reinforces this pan’s inherent strength and prevents the metal from warping with high heat, while the Xylan nonstick interior and exterior makes it easy to remove your delicious pizza. This is enhanced by the fact the piece is dishwasher-safe.

Like other pizza pans that value a crisp finish, this pan has a perforated base. However, unlike those other pans, the Cuisinart features bigger-than-average holes so the heat can get underneath easily.


  • Completely nonstick
  • Easy to clean
  • An affordable choice
  • Comes with an incredible warranty


  • Produces a crisp crust and base

Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Crisper Pizza Pan

Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Crisper, 14-Inch Pizza Pan, 0, Silver

If you want a traditional-style pizza pan, one that offers everything you’d expect, this Wilton Perfect Results pan is a fabulous choice and comes at an ultra-low price point.

It’s amazing that this pan is so affordable while coming with a 10-year warranty. This will give you peace of mind—and delicious pieces of pizza—without breaking the bank.

This pan comes in a nonstick crisper style. The perforated base allows your pizza to bake evenly and quickly without staying too doughy—ideal for thin style pizza lovers. When you’ve baked your pizza to perfection, lifting it out of the pan is a breeze thanks to the nonstick coating.

You can’t go wrong with this simple pizza pan; it offers what’s needed for beginners or more experienced pizza bakers.


  • Comes with an incredible warranty
  • Built-in side handles allow for easy maneuvering
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Isn’t suitable for specialist pizza styles

LloydPans Kitchenware Detroit Style Pizza Pan

LloydPans Kitchenware 10 by 14 Inch Detroit Style Pizza Pan USA Made Hard-Anodized

It would be understandable if you looked at this pan and confused it with Silician-style pizza. Like the Sicilian-style, a Detroit-style pizza pan deviates from the round shape, using a rectangular one instead, and actually descends from Sicilian-style pizza.

Measuring 10” x 14”, this pan allows you to achieve the traditional Detroit-style pizza with an airy and soft crust. The crusty exterior leaves plenty of room for tomato sauce and cheese or any other formaggio.

This is a rust-proof hard anodized pizza pan, made to be hard-wearing and durable. Because of this design, it is safe in ovens up to 700°F. The permanent nonstick coating is free of the chemical PTFE, allowing you to easily remove your pizza while knowing you’re not adding to your household toxic load.


  • Made for ultra-high temperatures
  • Doesn’t require pre-seasoning
  • 100% American-made
  • Coating is metal utensil safe


Specifically designed for Detroit-style pizza

Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan-14” Skillet for Cooking, Baking, Grilling-Durable, Long Lasting, Even-Heating and Versatile Kitchen Cookware

Camp Chef’s Cast Iron Pizza Pan allows you to experience the benefits of cast iron cookware without a high price. Cast iron is inherently durable, chemical-free, and can be used on both the stovetop or oven. This versatility is part of any cast iron piece and this pizza pan proves useful for a range of baking projects, not only pizza.

Other pizza pans often need to rely on chemically based nonstick coatings. This isn’t the case with cast iron, which is inherently nonstick, without the toxic load.

Get creative with this pan. This might not be well-suited for certain pizza styles like deep dish or Detroit, but it’s amazing if you want to make fruit or dessert pizzas. Those with a sweet tooth will love the creative license they get from this pan.

The molded cast iron handles are a delicate finishing touch, making it easier to carry your delicious meals, and the roomy 14” size is just right for the average pizza.


  • Produces big 15” pizzas
  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Can be used for other baking items


  • Cast iron can be hard to maintain

Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan, 14-Inch diameter

Get the delicious Chicago style pizzas you long for with this Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan. Everything you love about this pizza style is made possible by this pan’s smart design. Make deep dish pizza, stuffed pizza, or cookie pie.

The deep dish style gives you a thicker, chewier crust. Since the heated oven air cannot reach the crust directly, it remains softer throughout the baking process, and the 1.5” depth of this pan stays true to design.

Since this pan is made from heavy-duty carbon steel with an easy release, silicone-based surface, you won’t need to struggle to get your pizza out in one piece. This pan has a nonstick coating, making your life easier.

As if these benefits aren’t enough, rest assured that this pan is dishwasher-safe and suitable for ovens up to 450°F. If you want decadent, delicious deep dish pizza, this pan is the way to go.


  • Has a low price point
  • Makes it easy to create Chicago-style pizzas
  • Has a nonstick coating


  • Made for deep dish-style pizzas only

T-fal Airbake Nonstick Pizza Pan

AirBake Nonstick Pizza Pan, 15.75 in

Enjoy versatility with this set of 2 T-Fal Airbake Nonstick Pizza Pans. Including both a 12.75” pan and a larger 15.75” pan, this is a convenient choice for people who want the choice of pizza sizes without multiple purchases.

These pans are designed to give you phenomenal pizza with just the right amount of crunch. Whether you intend to bake your pizza from scratch or bake a premade frozen pizza, you’ll get consistently delicious results.

The base is perforated, ensuring a quick and efficient heating of the crust. Just this one addition takes the baking experience up a level, giving you better, crisper results than you’d expect from the standard pan.

Add to this the built-in micro-dome technology, a feature that specifically decreases baking time by 15%, and you have a highly functional piece.


  • Gives different pizza size options
  • Comes at a decent price
  • Is dishwasher-safe


  • Comes with 2 pans

LloydPans Pre-Seasoned Sicilian Pizza Pan

LloydPans 14x14x1.5 inch Style, Pre-Seasoned Sicilian Pizza Pan, 14x14x1.5 inches, Dark Gray

This dark gray aluminum pizza pan is committed to giving you a convenient cooking experience so you can turn out the best-tasting pizzas from your oven.

You’ll get an authentic Sicilian look and taste from this pan. It’s easy to make the thick, porous, focaccia-like pizza base with LloydPans Sicilian Pan’s construction. Not only does it have the telltale angular shape, but it comes with a range of beneficial features.

The pre-seasoned finish takes out most of the hard work, eliminating the need for you to pre-season the pan yourself. This is a permanent stick-resistant layer, exclusive to Lloyd Pans, known as PSTK (Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote).

Efficiency and convenience are a top priority for this pan. The 14-gauge aluminum construction allows for efficient heat use, while the extra-thick flat rim helps reinforce this pan’s inherent strength and durability.


  • Easy to clean
  • Allows you to create specialized Sicilian pizzas
  • Built to last


  • Not made for traditional round pizzas

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Whether you want to begin your homemade pizza journey or are looking to add to your collection of pizza pans, the Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan is an essential piece for any pizza fan.

This pan is efficient, durable, and convenient. The natural aluminum construction makes it easy to produce your own deep dish style pizza without hassle or stress, providing the inherent convenience that will encourage your baking explorations for years to come.

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